What is meaning of Huroob? How to check Huroob status?


Huroob (invalid Iqama)

Before discussing Huroob(, we will have to talk a bit about Iqama.Iqama is a work permit or a work visa which is used to manage foreign recruits in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. An expatriate gets issued an iqama which shows his/her current status as a foreign employee in the country. Iqama also enables you to get a lot of employee benefits in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia without any hurdles.

What is Huroob?

Now, let’s talk about Huroob. Huroob is basically an Arabic work which mean Run away from work in other words, Huroob means invalid Iqama, Some people also called it Khurooj (خروج). Which means you are no longer resident of Kingdom Saudi Arabia. If you are living there with a Huroob then you are living illegally. We also know in Saudi Arabia there is kafeel system. If expatriate runs away from his kafeel or from any company then company or kafeel report against it to gov of KSA .and file case against him.so  after this iqama of a person will not valid so this is called Huroob.

Basically Huroob is criminal act in Saudia Law.so the gov can arrest the person any time if his iqama is invalid. Here we discussed the basic  of what is Huroob? Hope you  get some information about .so now below we will discuss in detail about all the process how to check whether your iqama is valid or not.

How to Check Huroob status on Iqama?

Now, a question must’ve came up in your mind that how can you check if your Iqama is valid or invalid? Well, keep reading and you’ll know the answer, because I am about to tell you the most convenient ways of checking your Iqama Status.

Absher Account Activation Process

Absher Account Registration Process 2020

Checking your Huroob status on Iqama 

Currently there are two ways of checking your Huroob status Iqama status which are as follows.

Checking Huroob status on Iqama with ABSHER

Checking your Huroob status on Iqama with ABSHER website is a simple trick and the most convenient way.

All you have to do is simply go to the ABSHER website and then put your username and password in the login section. If you are able to login to the website then there’s nothing to worry about because your Iqama status is still valid. But if you are not able to login to the website then this maybe a problem as there are chances of Huroob on your Iqama which means you can no longer live in Kingdom Saudi Arabia unless you get it valid.

Checking Iqama status with the KSA’s Ministry of Labor’s website

If you are unable to check your Iqama status with the ABSHER website then don’t worry, as there is another way of checking if there is a Huroob on your Iqama.

Simply go to the MOL’s (Ministry of Labor وزارة أمل) website and enter your Iqama number there.

If your Iqama is valid then you will get the employment status as “On the duty.”

But if there is a Huroob on your Iqama I.e. your Iqama status is not valid then the status will be shown as “Absent from work.”

The takeaway

In the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, almost 10.8 million employees are foreign national, which makes 85% of the total workforce in Kingdom Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia always encourages foreign nationals to get employed in KSA. That is why they have made the visa application process easy and convenient. You just have to get employed in the country first. Employees in Saudi Arabia gets a lot of benefits. The Iqama enables you to get an identity card in the Saudi Arabia due to which, a foreign national face no discrimination.

The application process for a work permit has become a lot easier now. You only need to know the details and what you are doing and within no time, your visa would be in your hands.If your Iqama in valid then it means you have a Hurooj on Iqama which brings further complexities. But with proper actions, you will be able to lift the Hurooj from your Iqama.


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