Iqama transfer Process – Iqama Transfer or Naqal Kafala – Most of the Expats are well familiar with the Arabic Term “Naqal Kafala” it means the transfer of sponsorship from one kafeel to another kafeel. The Iqama Transfer usually required at the time of switching job, moving from one company to another company that’s why […]

How to Check Iqama Application Status Online

Iqama Application Process – Here comes another useful article for the Expatriates of Saudi Arabia. Iqama is one of the most important documents for any expat residing in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. It is a kind of legal work & living permit in Saudi Arabia. If you recently land in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia […]

IQAMA RENEWAL 2020 fees & Step by Step Guide

You are in search of step by step guide of Iqama Renewal Process 2020. Since the past few years, a number of changes have been adopted by the government of Saudi Arabia especially for expatriates. They are stricter now as compared to the previous years. They have done a lot of amendments in their Iqama […]