How to Check Iqama Application Status Online

Iqama Application Process – Here comes another useful article for the Expatriates of Saudi Arabia. Iqama is one of the most important documents for any expat residing in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. It is a kind of legal work & living permit in Saudi Arabia. If you recently land in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & applied for Iqama for the first time, then I must say that this post worths a lot. You will get to know about how to Check Iqama Application Status online. Learn more about check Iqama Application online.

Most of us are well familiar with the Validity of Iqama, the validity of Iqama remains 1 year. After one year you need to renew your iqama. Don’t get late otherwise you can be penalized by the government with heavy fines. The grace period of Iqama renewal is just 3 days.

People over the internet or KSA Expatriates over the internet also looking for Iqama Application process for Newborn baby & Iqama Application process for Dependents like Wife & Parents.

Iqama Application Process Status Check Online 

  • First of all, you need to check your Iqama Number. Iqama is a yellowish card that has been issued by the government of Saudi Arabia for all the expats who are residing & working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It consists of your latest picture with white background. The most important thing about Iqama is your Iqama Number & its expiry date.
  • Navigate to the official website of Ministry of Interior. The default user interface of the application is in Arabic. Being a new expat reading & understanding of Arabic could be difficult for you that why you need to switch language from Arabic to English.

Iqama Application Process Step 1

  • To change the language navigate to the top left corner of website & select language English.

Iqama Application Process Step_2

  • At the homepage of the Ministry of Interior website. You can see E-services under the menu. Click on it in order to Check Iqama Application Process Status Online.



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Iqama Application Process Step_3

  • Now you need to click or tap on the passport from the menu and then click or tap on the “Query Iqama Expiry Service” from the submenu under the main menu.

Iqama Application Process Step_4

  • Now you have to enter all necessary details in order to check the Iqama Application Process. The details included
    • “Iqama Number”
    • “Password”
    • Captcha Code.
    • OPT (You will receive at your mobile number)
    • Once you are done with the entering all necessary details you need to click “View” Button.

Iqama Application Process Step_5

Once all done & you clicked on View Button then your results will come in front of you. You can check your Iqama Application Process Status online.

If you want to check your Iqama Application Process Online through Absher account then make sure that you must have select “Individual” option at the very start of the process. Rest of the procedure is very similar. 



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