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Ma sha Allah, many congrats to you in addition to a new family member. Here comes the useful piece of article for you about “Iqama Application for Newborn baby”. We are Check Iqama Online offering all kind of information that you need to process out the Iqama of yours, your family members, and even your drivers. While going through the entire article you will get the information about

  • Iqama Fees of Newborn baby.
  • Eligibility criteria of a newborn baby.
  • Required documents for newborn baby.
  • How to apply iqama of a newborn baby?

We take pride to inform you that Check Iqama Online is an information-rich platform where you can easily get information about each and every aspects of Iqama. Let’s proceed further

Iqama Application for Newborn baby

Eligibility Criteria of Iqama for Newborn Baby

Big thanks to the Saudi Government who launch a great application to accommodate the iqama queries. Now with this portal applying Iqama for the Newborn baby is very simple. All you need is to meet the following requirements. Let’s have a look.

  1. A baby must have born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Father must be the sponsor of the baby to bear all expenses of the baby in KSA.

Document Requirements for Baby Iqama

Documents are the important part of any procedure that’s why you must pay great attention to these. Here we have enlisted some of the required documents that are necessary to apply Newborn baby Iqama.

  • Birth certificate of the baby from the hospital.
  • Arabic birth certificate of the baby from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Original & copies of father & mother Iqama.
  • Original & copies of father & mother passport.
  • Original & copies of baby passport.
  • Print out of the appointment.
  • 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm biometric picture of the baby.

Procedure to Apply Iqama of Newborn baby

Now applying Iqama of the newborn baby is super easy. All you need is to register on Absher website. You can follow our comprehensive guide about how to register the Absher Account in 5 mins. You must need a mobile number in order to get a verification code.

Here comes the step by step guide about how to apply iqama of newborn baby 2021. All the rules are regulations are updated & working.

  • First of all, you need an Arabic Birth Certificate of the baby from Birth/Death registration department. How to get it is very simple and straight forward.
    • Get the birth certificate of the baby from the hospital.
    • Use Absher Application portal to book an appointment at Death/Birth Registration department.
    • Now you need to submit the documents we have mentioned above. The department will issue you an Arabic version of Birth Certificate.
  • Now you need to apply the passport of your baby from your country embassy. You will need Arabic Birth Certificate to get the passport of a baby.
  • Now you need to pay the Iqama fees for newborn baby.
  • Now apply for an appointment in Jawazat. Use your Absher Account to book an appointment.
  • Visit the office on the Appointment date.
  • Get the Iqama of your baby instantly from Jawazat.

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