Iqama Application Family – So, mate you are planning to bring your family with you in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis then must say that you are in search of “How to Apply Family Iqama”. You need to apply the family iqama for all the dependents i.e wife & children as soon as they arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today we are going to post the latest procedure of applying family Iqama in 2021. Read More about Iqama at Check Iqama Online.

You should apply for the family iqama forwards as per the most recent procedure through Absher Application Online portal in 2020 & within the 3 months of their appearance to Saudi Arabia. Else, you will be required to pay a fine of SR 1,000 per family member.

As per the most recent procedure of applying family Iqama in 2021, you need the accompanying reports and prerequisites to apply for the family iqama in Jawazat. Let’s discuss these things one by one.

Requirements of Family Iqama

Medical Fitness

The first and foremost requirement to apply family Iqama for all the dependents is to get their medical fitness certificate. You need to get the medical fitness certificate from the government-approved labs. Once you have given your blood samples for the report you can easily check the status of your Medical reports online through appropriate web link of that lab. The approved labs automatically upload the reports on MOI platform once they are approved.

Medical Insurance

The subsequent prerequisite to apply for the family iqama for all family members as per the latest Method of applying Iqama is to get clinical insurance from a similar organization which has given a medical certificate to you.

Approach your organization to apply for the clinical insurance of the relative’s dependent on their border number. It is the one that the immigration officer wrote on your passport. you can use that number until you get your iqama ID.

insurance must be refreshed in the MOI prescribed system. In the event that it isn’t refreshed in the MOI system, your application to apply for the Iqama of your family will be dismissed. You can check the medical coverage on your Absher account.

Iqama Form

The 3rd requirement in order to apply for the dependent iqama is to fill the form. All you need is to download the Iqama form from the Absher Website and need to fill all the relevant fields. You need Jadeed Iqama form if you are applying for the first time & need to fill name, border number, etc etc. You are the one who is applying for the Iqama so you are the Kafeel of your family. Write your own name and Iqama number & other information in relevant boxes.

Dependent Fees

Now you need to pay the fees of all your dependents. We have mentioned all those fees briefly in one of the article related to Iqama Fees 2021. You can check by your own. Pay all the dependents fees before your border number get expired.

Pictures with the company stamp

Now you need to attach the pictures on the Iqama Application Family Form. The picture must be 3.5 x4.5cm in dimensions, must have a white background, & must be fresh no old than 3 months. For reference, we have attached the screenshot below.

Iqama Application Family for Dependents

The fifth requirement to apply for the family iqama for dependents according to the latest procedure applicable in 2019, is to attach one picture with the Iqama form.

Other Requirements are

  • Original & passport copies of the Dependent.
  • Original & passport copies of the Sponsor.

Procedure to Apply Iqama Application Family

Once you are done with the preparation of all necessary documents for the Iqama Application family for dependents as per new rules & regulations of KSA. You need to visit the Jawazat office. Most of the cities have just one jawazat office but there are multiples in big cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, & others. Check your nearest Jawazat office & visit it.

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